1. I am now the photography assistant for The Range - super excited!! 



  3. It great watching the free ‘creative live’ masterclass with Miss Aniela 
    Check it out, some amazing work!


  4. Models: Lara Stephens & MacManuel Logunz
    Styling/Make-up: Molly Mildren


  5. Sneek peek at today 


  6. model: Amy Jane Eaton


  7. Sneak peak at yesterday 
    Photographer - Codie Hobbs
    Art Direction - Rhian Davis 
    Models - Lucy Benn, Sophie Cadmore & Jemima Langsworthy
    Designs by - Lucy Benn, Anna Boast & Aarron Jonas

  8. full editorial to come -
    Model: Laura-Marie Miucci
    Clothing: Gemma Westaway
    MUA: Charlotte Goodacre


  9. looking through todays shots 
    w/ Laura-Marie Miucci, Gemma Westaway & Charlotte Goodacre